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Thursday, 22 March 2018

New Name,New Bigger Muscle!

The hunger strike is over as this sexy guy becomes King.Flex-King is even hotter and his muscles are even bigger.There is a brand new website and a revamped Youtube channel.He even has other sexy guys joining him on cam from time to time too.Enjoy
His great new website
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Skype: live:flexing4money
Some really great stuff on his Youtube channel too

Monday, 19 March 2018

Seb's Big Bicep Pump

Sexy Seb wears some hot Pump undies in the gym and pumps up his beautiful biceps in his latest 11 minute vid.It's available now on his website so check out the preview below.A revealing exclusive on the way for us soon! Check out and join his site now
Check the new vid out and more on his website
Skype: sebik213

Saturday, 17 March 2018

Martin Bulges Back

Martin's back and his muscles are bulging all over.He's got an impressive bulge in his underwear too as you can clearly see.His shows are hot or maybe you'd like a custom vid.Either way you won't be dissapointed.

Get his bulging muscles all to yourself
Skype: syze55

Keep Out Of Riley's Kitchen

If you can't stand the heat you'd better keep out of Riley's kitchen.It's way too hot in there! Looking more ripped than ever,Riley teases as he lowers his pants to show off his beautiful bubble butt and we get great close ups of his perfect pecs,awesome abs and obliques that lead where we all want them too.Enjoy.

Get him out of his kitchen and out of his clothes
Skype: rileyjackson777
Check him out on BestFlex too

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Mahdy Wears Them Well

Mahdy's back in his figure hugging undies and is ready to give you guys a hot show or custom vid.He's having a tough time at the moment and needs the cash from these shows but we are not talking mega bucks and he is worth every penny.Maybe you could buy him some sexy underwear for future shows? Enjoy his new vid.
Get him to yourself on Skype
Skype: mahdy_1988
He wears them well

Seb's White Back With Us

Sexy Seb is back in some tight white undies and they show him off very well indeed.He's more pumped,more confident and hotter than ever.He's stepped up his game a lot recently and you guys are loving it.Ask anyone who has bought a vid or had a hot show recently.
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Skype: sebik213
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Roman Shows Off His Impressive Upper Body

Roman is back showing off his supr pumped upper body.Starting in a gym vest he teases his sexy pecs before the vest comes off so he can tease even more.No legs in this vid but in a cam show or custom vid he'll be more than be happy to get down to his underwear.
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Skype: thewalkinglalka
Check out great vids on his Youtube channel
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