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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Seb Meshes It Up

Seb is getting sexier and he's back soon

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Josh Has A BIg Following (but wants it to get bigger!)

Josh Bridgman already has a very big following on Instagram but he is tantilisingly close to getting 10k and if you have not checked him out already you will definitely want to give this red hot UK stud a follow.

He already has an impressive following
Let's grow it
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Too Big For His Jeans

British Beefcake Brandon  has a big problem.His massive quads make it very hard for him to get jeans to fit.In fact they are so tight,he often does without them.Same goes for t shirts!
Undo them
Drop them
T shirt's too tight too
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 (currently not doing cam shows or vids so enjoy his pages instead)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Mahdy In His Posing Trunks

Mahdy showed off his upper body in his last exclusive but today he's down to his posing trunks to show off more.This guy knows how to flex and pose and you know what he's a really nice guy too,as you will find out when you chat to him on Skype.
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Alex In Some Tight White Trunks

Flirt4Free with Alexander
Back with his second hot exclusive in a week,Alexander shows off in some very sexy white beach wear.In fact he wears these at the beach in one of the hot vids on his website but hey they work just as well indoors.At least until you all demand they come off of course.This guy looks amazing fully nude by the way.Plenty of ways you can find out.Enjoy
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Skype: live:flexing4money
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Nice trunks.Now take them off!

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Martin's Muscles Catch The Sun

Martin gets in just the right position in this exclusive,as the sun shines in and catches every inch of his body very nicely indeed.Bulging in sexy white underwear,he can't wait to take it off! For good reason too.He is selling these undies if any of you guys are interested.If that's not your thing you can get a hot cam show or custom vid instead.He aims to please all.
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Skype: syze55
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More great vids on his Youtube channel
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Mahdy's Upper Body Flex

Mahdy,our new sexy Egyptian is back with his second exlusive.This time he concentrates on showing off his impressive upper body with some nice close up shots.Of course he does show off his whole body if you add him on Skype for a cam show or request a hot custom vid.Enjoy your second help of this stud.
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Skype: mahdy_1988
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