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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Riley Gets His Pipe Out

Anyone want to see Riley sucking on a pipe? Well he does that wearing his grandfather's cap,claiming he's better looking than him and his dad.We've seen neither of course but would the cute face on that very sexy body lie? Of course not.Maybe he'll get his pipe out for you in a cam show or custom vid?
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Skype: rileyjackson777

Riley has some very hot vids on BestFlex too

Hungry To Drop His Overalls

Home from college,Hungerstrike is ready for his part time engineering job.However,just before his shift starts,he has time for a hot flex,in and out of his overalls.Be great if he just worked in his CK's but would anyone get any work done? Enjoy this new exclusive.
Skype: live:flexing4money
More amazing vids on his website
Even more great stuff on his YouTube channel

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Jan's Hot Underarmour Flex

Jan is in great shape right now with two competitions done already this month,he's preparing for his biggest in a couple of weeks,the NABBA Universe.Despite all this preparation,he still wants to show off for you on Skype or make you a hot custom vid.He will even meet you in person for a worship session! Enjoy this new exclusive.
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Skype: janmotalcz
Imagine worshiping these quads!
Lots more vids on his YouTube channel,including competition footage

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Hot To The Max

This hot young stud from the UK has just turned 19 and is creating quite a stir on social media.It's very easy to see why with his good looks and amazing toned body.You can see more great pics of him on Instagram which he regularly updates.
Or if you want to see even hotter pics why not sub his onlyfans page.Plenty of tease shots and pumped up muscle on there!

Friday, 13 October 2017

Mahdy Flexes In Posers

Mahdy is now getting quite a following and it's easy to see why.This time he gets into his sexy posers again and gives us some great camera angles,showing off his toned,muscular body.Why not get him to show it off just for you? He's ready and waiting.
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Skype: mahdy_1988

Saturday, 7 October 2017

More From Mahdy

Hot Egyptian muscle guy Mahdy is back with a new exclusive and there are more to come.This is only a teaser for the shows he can give you or custom vids he can make.He is very friendly and easy to chat to so what are you waiting for? Add him on Skype and see what's on offer.
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Skype: mahdy_1988
Sub his YouTube channel

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Martin From Bedroom To Bathroom

Martin gives us great views of his muscles as he flexes from bedroom to bathroom in his tight Playboy boxers.Imagine being in his bedroom.Well he can take his cam where you like so you could be! All you need do is add him on Skype and ask.Enjoy 2 exclusives in one.
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Skype: syze55
More great vids on YouTube

Youtube Suspense

I am pleased to report that our YouTube suspension was lifted today,so vids can now be uploaded there again.Whilst this is good news,the suspension could be short lived.Who knows?
Anyway,the slightly raunchier vids will now be featured on the blog only as we try to be careful on YouTube.This is so frustrating when every day you see far more revealing stuff on there.I guess it's just luck that some get away with it,whilst others don't.
So,enjoy the YouTube channel while it lasts but rest assured you won't miss out,as vids will always be featured on this blog anyway.Check out the latest YouTube uploads below.
If YouTube turn their back on us,you won't miss out!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Tomas Shows Off His Legs

Tomas shows off his whole body in his tight trunks but you can't help but focus on his sexy,muscled quads,hams and glutes and the last pic on this post shows them off very nicely indeed! Get him to show off just for you in a cam show or custom vid.This guy really knows how to show off his body.
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Skype:  tomaskrizan1
Check him out on Instagram too
He's on YouTube too
Now let's see those legs and glutes as they should be seen!

Monday, 2 October 2017

Sexy Strip'n Flex

Starting off in a smart jacket,shirt and jeans,Hungerstrike is eager to get out of his clothes and show you what he's got.Lean,ripped,sexy muscle is what's on offer and you can get a whole lot more if you add him on Skype or check out his website.Enjoy this exclusive clip.A longer HD clip where he gets down to just his underwear is available if you ask him on Skype.
Add him on Skype for much more
Skype: live:flexing4money
Even more hot stuff on his website
Great vids on his YouTube channel too

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Seb Gets It Off His Chest

It's back to exclusives for Seb today.Getting comfortable on his couch,Seb soon has his gym vest off to show you his amazing upper body.Biceps,pecs and sexy pits! We get a nice view of his quads at the end too.Who'd like Seb on their couch? Enjoy the vid
Add him on Skype and get him off that couch and flexing his whole body
Skype: sebik213
He's got a great website too